Portable Boring And Welding Machine Tools – A-411 Aand A-611

On-site Reconditioning Of Heavy Machinery Parts

This line of products is designed for reconditioning of worn cylindrical holes located on large machines, mechanisms and parts.

This technology enables a restoring process using one single machining complex containing boring and welding features. The technology consists of  initial cutting of the worn hole, welding of the treated surface to reduce the diameter of the hole and then final precise cutting of the new hole to the diameter needed. The machine tool is mounted directly on


the hole to be machined. Complete disassembly of the machine repaired is not needed. The system saves a lot of service labour and money and has a very short payback period.

A quick-detachable fastening (patented) of the drive unit provides simplicity of set up.

Specially engineered DC electric drive gives constant high torque characteristics at all speeds of operation.

The boring bar is made of chrome-plated steel and provides a high strength quality and endurance. The boring bar conncecting joint (patented) is based on double sided cone and gives high precision and reliability and protects against undesired unscrewing due to vibration.

The adjustible collet clamp enables the bearing support to be based on external cylindrical surfaces of boring bar, which greatly improves rigidity of assembly and  precision of machining.

The inside mounted power control unit does not require a heavy duty interface cable and connectors.




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